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i can’t believe that tomorrow is the 1st of halloween

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11 questions


11 Questions

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1) Do you like reading? If yes, do you do it often?

Oh yes, very much! But lately, I’ve been focusing on making cosplays and editing photos, so I’m not reading any novels or fics. I just make sure I read a certain amount of italian stuff so I don’t start regressing lol.

2) What is your favourite food?

Oh god! this is a difficult one! I enjoy so many different types of foods. Trying out restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. Probably pizza from this place…and lately I’ve also been craving an affogato like every day.

3) Do you like videogames?

Yep! But I don’t play them very often. I have too many hobbies that don’t allow me any extra time to do so. :x And when I have free time, I tend to use it to draw

4) Do you have stuffed animals in your room?

I have a couple, all gifts from friends with the exception of my stuffed British Airways airplane. XD

5) Tea or coffee?

Espresso! Caffè Vita in Seattle is my favorite. I am a coffee SNOB.

6) If you could be an animal what will you choose?

I am really drawn to the ocean, so probably a dolphin or fish of some sort.

7) Are you able to play a musical instrument?

Sadly, no…I have quite nonexistent musical talent beyond drunk karaoke.

8) What is your biggest fear?

Becoming old, or going blind. And spiders.

9) What is your favourite flower?

Honeysuckle, because I adore their smell.

10) How many languages do you know?

I know english and italian, basic japanese (my vocab sucks balls) and a tiny bit of spanish. I have a minor degree in linguistics but I’ve forgotten much of what I learned ~___~

11) Sun or rain?

I enjoy both equally, I think! Sunny days are the best in autumn, and I like a lazy day when it’s raining hard outside.

Too lazy to tag people. I’m going to nap. XD!!!

Thank you for thinking of me, cianethedevil! <3 <3 <3

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I just wanted to go check out what all this Oktoberfest stuff was about, and Romano said I couldn’t go by myself because he had to protect me from the German lol. And then he totally had fun.

Silly casual pics, but I hope you enjoy our photos nonetheless. :D

**Edit: Also, R.I.P., Romano’s Michael Kors sunglasses that he lost somewhere

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With my super cool big brother at Kirkland Oktoberfest!

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Anonymous asked :
Is this still your Rp blog or did you move accounts? Just wanted to check in case I missed something. Thanks!

Hi!! Thank you for your question, it makes me happy that people remember me!

I haven’t moved- I’ve just been suuuuuper busy as of late. Hopefully I will be able to make some more time for this blog soon. I miss it!

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Reblog with a picture of your muse’s “SO DONE WITH THIS SHIT” face.











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So this is my new profile photo over on Farcebook, and also probably the reason I never get any dates.

"Faces sticking in holes is hilarious!"

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Apparently Seattle is even more hipster than SF or Williamsburg. by sinned

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Last days of Summer. 

Pioneer Square, Seattle. 2014

Yashica124 / Kodak / Portra 400

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